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Al Koran Deck

Ord Pris 150 kr
Pris 75 kr
Du Sparar -75 kr

Al Koran Deck - Bicycle Blue

Komplett med kortlek och engelsk instruktioner med flera effekter.

Effekten är imponerande, enkel och rakt fram!
Du visar en kortlek och åskådaren tänker på ett av korten (skriver inte ner endast tänker).
Efter ett par frågor kan du säga vilket kort åskådaren tänker på.
Inget krångel inga svåra grepp utan ett mycket enkelt och inte så känt system.

A deck of cards is openly fanned in front of a spectator to show the cards are different.
The spectator is given the pack to thoroughly shuffle and cut.
He or she is then asked to look at the top card, memorize it, and return the cards to their case.
Or, if you prefer you may fan or ribbon spread the cards to have one freely selected.
A second spectator now attempts to read the first spectator's mind and name the card.
After that spectator fails, you uncannily reveal the card the spectator is thinking of!

Keep in mind, nothing is written down.
There are no sleights, glimpses or card control to worry about.
No stooges or shills.
The individual cards are not gimmicked or marked in any way and there are no external gimmicks.
As impossible as it seems, apart from fanning the cards at the beginning of the effect, you never need to touch or go near the deck again!