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Ealstrix - The Encyclopedia of Rubber Band Magic - Abe Hurwitz / Ed Mishel

Ett fint häfte med mängder av effekter med gummisnoddar.
B.l.a. utförliga instruktioner hur du utför "Crazy Mans Hundcuffs" som många framstående magiker visar.
Totalt 40 sidor och över 200 illustrationer.

Contents (some of the page numbers are approximate)

5 A Star is Born
6 Seeing Stars
7 It's a Snap
8 Torn and Restored Elastic
9 The Two Way Stretch
10 Ring Off
11 Betcha Can't
12 Jumping Band
12 The Exhange Jump
12 For the Skeptics
13 Penetrating Bands
13 For the Kids
14 One Handed Silk Vanish
15 Loop the Loop
16 Spirit Arrow
16 Snap
17 To Make Anything Disappear with a Rubber Band
18 The Dancing Pencils
18 Snap Back
19 Comedy Jumping Hat
19 Quicker Than the Eye
20 The Rising Card
20 Disappearance of Ring or Other Object Under Hank
21 Alladdin's Ring
21 Owi Goowi the Worm
22 Elastic-Scape (U.F. Grant)
22 Thumb Penetration
23 The Deck That Cuts Itself (Al Baker)
24 The Herring Bone Design
24 Criss-Cross
25 Challenge Interlace Interlude
25 Button Holed
26 Bedazzled
26 Business Card Prediction
27 Y Not
27 Single Hand Knotting
28 Jumping Wand
28 Try Your Hand at This
28 Ring-Go
29 The Clips that Join
30 The Jumping Band
31 Lets Do the Twist
31 Bracelet and Band
32 Instant Transformation
33 2nd Thumb Penetration
33 The Jumping Band
34 A Penetration
34 Thumb-Thru
35 A Borrowed Loop

36 Bonus Section Noveltease
36 Spirit Finger Control
36 Rabbit Into the Hat
36 Rabbit Into the Hat II
37 How to Make Your Ears Wiggle
37 The Dancing Skeleton
38 The Floating Hot Dog
38 Crash Diving Submarine
38 The Twirling Cigarette Paper
39 Matchbook Horse and Rider
39 Deceptive Hairpin
40 The Ghost and the Arrow
40 The Lemon Pig
40 The Pipes of Pan
41 Tumblebug

Elastrix #1  by Abe Hurwitz and Ed Mishell.

The encyclopedia of rubber band magic compiled by Abe Hurwitz and Ed Mishell.

Over sixty rubber band tricks, stunts and puzzles including the popular Penetrating Bands as performed by David Copperfield on his TV special.
Not only are the effects done only with rubber bands but there are numerous effects combining rubber bands with cards, bills, silks, paper clips, etc...
40 Pages, Softcover.