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Beyond ESP 2

Base price with tax 290 kr
Sales price 135 kr
Discount -155 kr
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Beyond ESP - Michael Murray



ESP just evolved again! Outstanding, says Richard Osterlind. Awesome, exclaims Lee Earle.
The best set of Marked ESP cards I have ever seen, extols Nicholas Einhorn.
These are just a few of the comments the MagicBox received upon the launch of their Beyond ESP deck, an aesthetic leap forward from the tried and tested ESP decks of yesteryear.
First and foremost, this is the most innocent looking deck of ESP cards you will ever own.
The plain black backs make the cards look like little else than the research tools they have historically been, yet they contain an incredibly subtle marking system that allows you to identify each card with a quick glance.
Housed inside the International Paranormal Research Association are two complete ESP or Zener decks.
One red backed and one original black backed deck.
The new cards have been printed to the highest standards by the US Playing Card Company, so they look and feel great. Inside your deck youll also find a selection of extra cards and fakes providing you with more creative possibilities than any other ESP deck on the market.
Also supplied is a startling collection of ESP routines and ideas, which can often be difficult to track down.
Featuring routines from Banachek, Lee Earle, Richard Osterlind, and more!