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Cameleon Champange

Base price with tax 550 kr
Sales price 275 kr
Discount -275 kr
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Cameleon Champange  - Mizoguchi

Komplett med glas, gimmicks samt engelsk instruktion.

Simply cover the special water-filled champagne glass with a handkerchief, and the water transforms into red wine.
Heavy drinkers at home? Cover it a second time, and the wine changes to amber-colored whiskey.
Cover the glass again changes the whiskey into a green apple martini for the ladies.
Finally, cover the glass one more, and it all returns back to natural, clear water.

Like a chameleon, the liquid mysteriously changes color with a simple hand gesture.

・The heights of the glass---8.5 inches (22cm).
・Please use your own silk or handkerchief.

・NO NEED to use any chemicals for this trick!!