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Chinese Coin Holder

Base price with tax 300 kr
Sales price 150 kr
Discount -150 kr
Tax amount

Chinese Coin Holder - Joker Magic


Komplett med mynt, behållare, 5st extra gummiband samt instruktion på tyska.
Tricket är lätt att utföra.

The magician pours out a Chinese coin from an obviously smaller tube.

Joker Magic Chinese Coinholder specifications

The Magician asks the audience, if they know what he is holding in his hand.
The audience obviously doesn't know, so the magician tells them, that he is holding a "Chinese Coinholder".
The audience obviously never saw one before.

The magician now shows the audience, how it works. 
He removes the plug and pours a Chinese coin into his palm from the little tube. 
The coin is much bigger than the tube where it came from. It looks absolutely impossible. 

On top of everything the magician didn't have anything else, but the tube in his hand.