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From Old to New

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From Old to New Vol 1 - Dominique Duvivier

Helt ny i obruten förpackning.

Dominique DUVIVIER is already considered a legend by his peers.
A self-taught man, his magical background is out of the ordinary:
he is an amazing inventor (he has created thousands of tricks and groundbreaking sleights), the founder of Paris’s famous Magic Pub/Cabaret, the Double Fond, and the owner of the oldest magic shop in the world, Mayette Magie Moderne (founded in Paris in 1808).
This passionate man is also a relentless worker, who never stops pushing the envelope of the Magical Art. 


  • Routine pièce signée 
  • Poker et bridge 
  • La main du mage 
  • Running gag 
  • Double mental 
  • Suivez le chef 
  • Billet d’un dollar 
  • Flying Card, vision 1 
  • Flying Card, vision 2 
  • Flying Card, vision 3 
  • Flying Card, vision 4 
  • Flying Card, vision 5 

  • Bonus : 
    Interview d’Alexandra et Dominique Duvivier 

    Language : english - Running Time : 150 min.