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Hanky Panky Hank

Base price with tax 295 kr
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Discount -150 kr
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Hanky Panky Hank - Patric Page


Patrick Page har skapat ett universalhjälpmedel i form av en svart duk med färgad kant som du kan använda till att trolla fram eller trolla bort föremål som t ex kortlek, boll, cigarettpaket, klocka, jättemynt, saltkar, cigarettändare etc etc.
Det är ingen Devils Hank ... den är bättre!
Patrick Page's engelska instruktion och duken är allt du behöver.


Product Information

The Hanky Panky Cloth is designed to produce or vanish almost any small object: coins, balls, packs of cards, packet of cigarettes etc.
The Hanky Panky Cloth Trick includes a Hanky Panky Cloth, the original written instructions by Patrick Page 


Review of the Hanky Panky Cloth

Thanks to satisfied customer, Tim Glander from the USA for his review below of the Hanky Panky Cloth.


Hanky Panky Cloth

Here is something that is an all in one item you can use for many performing situations that demand a quick magical moment.
Keep in mind, you can’t get 10 minutes out of it.
This magical product is a cloth that:

1. Is not an ACT

2. Is not a Trick.

3 Is actually a utility item. This means…

- It is a tool, a gimmick, that can create just that right possibility you might need.


Do you need to appear, exchange or vanish an item? 
Would you like to toss out that old Devils Handkerchief or pull gimmick?
Well, here is something just for you.
Use it for an addition to your Egg Bag or Children’s Routines.

Keep in mind, you are limited only by your imagination which means you are not limited at all.

Also, remember when practicing , think, dream and take notes, for it will always pay you back in better quality magic.

This cloth is well made and looks first class.

Please beware of Rip-Offs! This is the original and the best!