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Hobson Egg Bag

Base price with tax 1.100 kr
Sales price 550 kr
Discount -550 kr
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Hobson Egg Bag - Jeff Hobson

Komplett med den unika äggpåsen, 2st ägg, CD samt länk till instruktionsviceo och bonusinformation.

A Professional has kept the secret for year, Now it's YOURS!
No Yoke


The Special Package Includes:

Custom Hobson Egg Bag
2 Specially Designed Eggs
DVD Instructioal Viseo


Private Access Website to View Additional Egg Bag Instruction and Jeff Hobson's LIVE Performance Video of the HOBSON Egg Bag!

Just read the following excerpt from a review of the Hobson Egg Bag from Magicseen Magazine and you will see why this is the best egg bag on the market!

The high price of this item might lead you to believe that you are getting something extra special with this Egg Bag set and in some ways you are. Jeff Hobson is one of the world’s most experienced entertainers and he has created an egg bag design which seeks to get round some of the potential problems sometimes associated with this classic prop in order to give you the best chance of creating the perfect egg bag illusion.

So, what are the differences between the JH egg bag and all the others? Firstly the size. The bag is wider than it is long, which is the opposite way round from other bags. The reason is so that you can hold the top of the bag with both your hands with the fingers inside and still leave enough room for a spectator to slip their hand into the bag in order to pull it inside out.

Secondly, the color. This bag is bright red on the outside, to ensure that it shows up on stage, and black on the inside, as this is the very best color to mask the bulge of the egg when it is secretly in the internal pocket.

Thirdly, the material. Rather than have the bag made of slick thin material, the JH bag is made of a more bulky cloth which is easy to handle but which prevents any tell tale sign of the egg being inside when the bag is supposed to be empty.

Fourthly, the secret pocket opening. Although this is cut diagonally across one bottom inside corner, the shape of the cut away is curved rather than straight. Jeff says he feels this makes it easier to get the egg inside and also makes absolutely sure that the egg will always be visible in the bottom of the bag when it falls out. ..