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Jumbo Marked

Base price with tax 250 kr
Sales price 125 kr
Discount -125 kr
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Marked Jumbo - Harry Anderson

Tricket utförs 5:20 min in i klippet.

Komplett med kort och engelsk instruktion.

Pretend to memorize the faces of a fan of jumbo cards, the blue backs of the cards are clearly visible to the audience.
The cards are fanned toward the audience and a spectator is asked to call out the name of one of the cards.
You remove the named card from the fan.
The card is turned over and is shown to be a red backed card...with the value marked on the back in a giant, black number.
The entire pack of cards are now fanned with their backs toward the audience.
All of the cards are now red backed and marked with 5-inch high black numbers.
You get the special cards and instrructions.

This is Harry Anderson's Jumbo Marked Card Effect that Harry used to fool Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.
Harry's complete routine with all his lines are included.
Almost completely mechanical so the magician can concentrate on his/her showmanship.
Some of the card faces have been slightly smudged.
A very funny routine.
Packs flat and plays big.