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Long Pouring Salt

Base price with tax 325 kr
Sales price 160 kr
Discount -165 kr
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Long Pouring Salt - Nils Bennet - Pegani

It was the Dutch world champion Fred Kaps, that made this effect popular and since, many others have used his idea.
The magician shows his hands to be empty and then launches his hand into the air and out of nowhere, finely graded salt begins flowing out from his hands.

Nils Bennet from Germany has just launched a clever tool that makes you able to make salt flow out from your hands for as long as a minute!
You just keep going... And for each second that passes, it seems more and more impossible.  

The device is easy to fill, easy to handle and you're always in control of how wide the stream is, just like you can stop at any time, just to continue a little more when you wish to.
Delivered with instructions in English.