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Making Magic

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Making Magic - Edwin A Dawes


En mycket bra nybörjarbok på engelska, rikligt illustrerad och hela 190 sidor!!
Inbunden med bokomslag.


Massor av fina bilder på världens mest berömda magiker!
Berättelser om magins historia och olika magikers mest berömda trick!


Tricken som du får lära dig är:
* The black Bag Mystery
* The Indian Basket
* The Bewildering Boomeranngs
* The Slip-Away Knot
* The Growing Wand
* Find the Lady
* Ribbon Restoration
* Magical Magnetsism
* Card Stab
* The Turnover Revelation
* The Vanishing Rabbit
* A Royal Mystery
* Just a Thought
* Extraordinary Aces
* Dual Discovery
* The Q Mystery
* Mindreading
* The Space Age Mystery


From the dust jacket: "Down through the ages, countless ingenious performers have astonished their friends or audiences with 'magic' - not the black arts, but simple or sometimes complicated tricks that can be learned and passed on.

This book will tell you how to do some of these and do them well. " 190 pages
This is a magic book for beginners. It is long on description but short on explanation.
That's okay.
As John Salisse, Honorary Vice-president of The Magic Circle says in the Foreword, "It is not how a trick is carried out which is important, but how it is presented." This is an over sized book for display on the coffee table, not for shelving out-of-sight.
Your guests, young and old, will be entertained simply by leafing through the pages of this lavishly illustrated volume.
Within the pages of this book you will discover magic for the junior magician as well as for the master magician.