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Mathematical Wizardry

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Mathematical Wizardry - Harry Lorayne


How to perform feats of MATHEMATICAL WIZARDRY!

They'll marvel at your amazing number tricks, games, lightning calculation, your magical knowledge. They'll think you're a genius!

You are going to love the things this book will teach you. Absolutely nothing to carry, no gimmicks! Just great number magic!
These are, anywhere, anytime, on the spot number miracles.

Sample Effect

A member of the audience multiplies two 3-digit numbers together, and then reads you every digit in the answer except for one of them, and you can instantly name the missing digit!!! (This can be done as a mind-reading, a memory or a lightning calculation feat)!

And, that's only one of so many amazing, mind-blowing feats of lightning calculation. Harry's selected only the most entertaining effects! He's also introduced new touches to improve presentation for many familiar routines.

Armed with this book you can become the "life of the party" with just paper, a pen, and a calculator. Harry has collected this stuff since childhood, and culled out only the best of the best. You'll instantly square any 2 digit number; add columns of numbers at a glance; prove that your mind is the best and fastest machine out there, by multiplying and dividing faster than a calculator can!

Harry Lorayne is the recipient of these awards:

Literary Fellowship Award - The Magic Castle, 1981.
The Stars of Magic Award - International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), 1975.
Magician of the Year Award - Society of American Magicians, 1983.
Lifetime Achievement Award - Society of American Magicians, 1994.
"For His Outstanding Contribution to Close-Up Magic" FFFF Convention, 1991.
Magic Dealers Annual for Best Selling Book - 1963.

International Film & TV Festival of New York Award for:
The filmed Version of The Harry Lorayne Memory Course, Featuring Harry Lorayne and Chicago Second City, 1978.

"Your writings contain marvelous things."
- Johnny Carson

"I was never good at arithmetic. Then I read Harry Lorayne's Mathematical Wizardry. Now, unbelievably, I can amaze my friends with my fantastic lightning calculation tricks - and more!  Thank you, Harry."
- Mel Brooks

"Harry: Thank you. I love watching and learning. You're the best."
- Steve Martin

"Being a fan of magic, I'm a fan of yours."
- Woody Allen

"I'm still gasping - you're incredible!"
- Alfred Drake


xi Foreword xi

3 Chapter 1
3 Ten Eighty Nine
6 Lightning Calculation
9 It All Adds Up
15 Roots
18 The "Missing Digit"
23 Pascal's Triangle & The Card Pyramid
29 The Fibonacci Series, And More

37 Chapter II
37 Total The Series, Plus
45 Pleasing Combination
51 Nim
54 The Chicken Or The Egg
57 More Moving Matches
60 Ageless
64 Yellow!

69 Chapter III
69 CalendARithmetic
73 CalendARithmetic, Cont'd
76 Stolen From The Calendar
80 Matrix
85 A Unique Number "Property"
88 More "Unique" Numbers
91 "Unique" Finale

95 Chapter IV
95 Wanna See A Card Trick?
98 Pocket Change
100 Magic Squares
104 Magic Squares, Cont'd
109 4×4 Magic Square Breakthrough??
120 The To-And-Fro Magic Square

125 Chapter V
125 Divided We Fall
128 Division Phenomenon
131 Lucky Number
134 Another "Combination"
139 Additional Adding
142 "Real" Adding
146 The Elevator Method

151 Chapter VI
151 Perpetual Calendar
154 Count On Your Fingers
158 Money Talks
161 Mark On My Boot
163 Heads Or Tails
165 Prove It!
169 The Heaviest Digit
171 Times Nines

175 Chapter VII
175 The Memory Magic Square
180 Taelbpah (Alphabet?)
182 Odds And Ends
187 Is A Puzzlement
192 To Square
195 Square-and Piecemeal
198 Finally, All's Square
201 Last Word