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Mind Stress

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Mind Stress -Thomas Blomberg


Klurigt mentaltrick av svenska Thomas Blomberg.
Komplett med kort och instruktionshäfte på engelska.


Here's one of the most practical and logical mental effects in ages.
This effect is easy to perform and easy to carry and with a variety of uses.
Use this clever divination in one on one, or with large groups.
It is ideal for "pre-forcing" a number on a television host prior to your appearance.

In effect, any number is mentally selected from a series of 100 on a bunch of genuine appearing "stress calibration" cards.
These cards have been specially printed and look like real scientific field equipment.

Once the number is selected, it is revealed or acquired by the performer with the simplest and fairest procedure.

MAX MAVEN said: "The method for MIND STRESS is clever and the presentational framing is very pleasing."

DAVE SOLOMON said: "Tomas Blomberg has one of the cleverest minds in magic..."


Supplied complete with the very clever "stress cards", classy field trip carry case, a booklet of handlings by Tomas Blomberg, Mark Aspiazu, Kevin Kelly, Herbert Miller and Ben Harris.