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Optical Ropes

Base price with tax 200 kr
Sales price 75 kr
Discount -125 kr
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Optical Ropes - Mark Mason



Komplett med rep och DVD


A 7 phase rope routine with just 3 lengths of white rope. Taught to you in every detail, now comes with an instructional dvd.

3 equal lengths of rope magically turn into two equal lengths. Then amazingly the 2 lengths turn into one long length. Next the one length of rope sprouts 4 ends, in the blink of an eye the one rope turns into 2 lengths of rope. Finally the 2 ropes turn back in to three equal lengths of rope. Exactly where you started.

Easy to do
Only 3 ropes, no extra pieces No magnets Perfect for strolling or stand up. Instant reset Filmed from all angles to make learning this routine a walk in the park.Comes complete with instructional DVD and gimmicked ropes.

Running Time Approximately 40min