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Baby Boa Predictor

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Baby Boa Predictor - Tony Clark


Very Rare Used but in Excellent Condition complete with original instructions.

The name Tony Clark is a mark of excellence in magic and this reflects in all his magic performances and products.
The Baby Boa Predictor is one of these very rare to find items that make a simple card trick exciting and interesting.
This is ideal for close up and parlor type performances.


A card is selected and returned to the deck.
The magician then removes four random cards, placing them face down on the table.
A little snake is introduced.
The magician waves the snake over the four cards.
“The baby Boa predicts that the selected card is amongst the four cards on the table”.

The snake is placed on the spectator’s hand, across the fingers.
The magician places one card at at time on the center of the snake.
The Spectator is then asked to use their thumb to squeeze down on the card on the snake.
When the snake feels the selected card on its back, it snaps up and coils around the cards.

Amazingly the snake can tell which is the chosen card!

Item is like new, comes complete with original written instructions.


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