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Bottle Thru Body

Base price with tax 450 kr
Sales price 225 kr
Discount -225 kr
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Bottle Thru body - Tony Clark

Flaska genom kropp - se videon.
Du får allt du behöver - gimmicks och DVD där du lär dig detta trick på flera sätt.

I watched Tony Clark perform this wonderful illusion right in front of me and it looked wild!
He took a bottle from the table and wrapped it in a napkin.
He then pushed the bottle right through the person standing next to him!
Part of the bottle was visible the entire time until it fully penetrated the person!
The bottle was pulled out from the person's back.
The spectator had no clue as to how this happened! It honestly looked amazing!

The video tape shows the presentation and all the explanations of how to present this great illusion.
It comes with three gimmicks that will allow you to use almost any borrowed bottle.

The effect can be performed anywhere - indoors, outdoors, and with anyone.

Very easy to do.
Brilliant in restaurants or bars.

Works great in a street magic venue as well!

Highly recommended.


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