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Caribbean - Di Fatta

The magician shows five cards: on both sides a palm tree is drawn.
One spectator chooses one of the cards where the drawing of a beautiful girl appear.
So, he chooses another card hoping to find again the girl, but this time nothing to do! When the magician, known as a latin lover, turns the cards, these will show the girls!

The pencils of Mauro Pezzola, winner of many drawing competition, illustrate the magic.

• Cards are laminated and have the size of the Bicycle poker deck.
• Beautiful colored drawings, linked to a funny and logic routine, for a successful “packet trick”.
• It is very easy, only requires the knowledge of the basic technique of card magic (explained in the instructions).
• It is a routine that leaves space to the presentation. It is perfect to break the ice and joke with a spectator, putting him in the centre of attention.


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