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China Surprise

Base price with tax 440 kr
Sales price 160 kr
Discount -280 kr
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China Surprise - T242 - Tenyo Magic

Japaneese packaging

1. Push a sheet of tissue paper into your closed fist.
2. On top of the tissue, you place a small green ball. Make a magical gesture, and...
3. The tissue has transformed magically into a delicious looking shumai dumpling!

Tissue paper transforms into a dumpling! 
This magic effect is as much about the laughs as it is the surreal surprise ending! 
You magically transform a bunched-up sheet of tissue paper into a shumai dumpling. 
The gimmick is a perfect replica of a real shumai, and has been specially manufactured for this trick, through the same process used to create restaurant-quality food samples. 
With this gimmick in hand, you will be the center of attention wherever, and whenever, you choose to perform.

English instructions included.