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Double Feature

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Double Feature - Larry Becker - Lee Earle - Mentalism Unlimed

Två tankeläsningstrick i ett.
Det bästa är att sista kapitlet i varje bok innehåller beskrivningen på tricket så du kommer inte tappa bort den!
Unika böcker tryckta och framställda efter att tekniken noga utprovats av Larry Becker och Lee Earle.
I beskrivningen finns också länk till högupplösta affischer som du kan ladda ner och förstärka ditt trick.

Flip through The Century's 100 Classic Films to show that every page is different - each two-page spread lists details of a classic film and an image of its lobby poster.
Your helpers slide bookmarks between pages to select three completely different films.
Opening the book to those pages, they secretly select a title, an actor, and an actress that they combine to make a unique fantasy flick.
An envelope that's been in plain sight is opened and the contents shown & read aloud - just like at the Academy Awards.
It is a 100% accurate prediction of the random choices made! Can be repeated and the fantasy flick will be entirely different.
As a kicker, your helper can freely select from among the thousands of production crew listed for all the films and you can reveal every detail of that name too!
On This Day...
Ask a participant for his day and month of birth. When he reads aloud from that day's entry in On This Day everyone hears the unique events that took place on that date.
Another helper and a new birth date obviously yield entirely different historical information.
Then you ask a third person merely to think of his birthday.
Instantly you void your impressions, writing the key phrases or sketching your thoughts. He reads aloud the entry for that day of the year -totally verifying your notations!
These books are packed with photos - all different - and employ multiple methods to fool the wise guys.
Plus, hidden cues are incorporated into the back cover graphics for trouble-free shows.
Book Dimensions
The Century's 100 Classic Films cover:
Approx. 5 1/4" x 7 3/8" (13cm x 19cm)
On This Day... cover:
Approx. 5 7/8" x 6 7/8" (15cm x 17cm)


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