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Flight 204

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Flight 204 - Sean Fields


"Flight 204 is a refreshing new idea that is a great alternative to Ring Flight. The vanish is spectacular and the reappearance seems impossible. All magic should look this good!" -Peter Loughran

"Flight 204 is exceptionally clean and pretty." -Scott Guinn

Previously known to a select few as Romantic Journey, Sean Fields' Flight 204 is unlike any other Ring Flight routine you've ever seen!

The performer borrows a ring and openly places it in the palm of his right hand.
Slowly passing his left hand over the ring, it miraculously vanishes.
Both hands are shown completely empty and the performer points his fingers at his neck.
There, inside his shirt, he pulls out his necklace.
Threaded onto the necklace itself is the original, borrowed ring!

Flight 204 uses a brand new idea in the realm of Ring Flight effects.
No more reels, pulls or magnets.
The necklace is ungimmicked and unprepared.
There are absolutely no duplicate rings, nor is anything added or taken away.

  • Ring may appear on almost any necklace, with or without anything already on it
  • Set it up once and you're ready for the whole day
  • Instantly resets
  • Virtually angle-proof (similar to other Ring Flights)
  • Any normal ring may be used (except for extremely large/heavy rings)
  • Practical, dependable, safe, and highly effective

Comes with the 22-page, photo-illustrated, detailed instruction booklet.


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