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Gamblers Dice

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Gamblers Dice - SEO Magic

Magician gives 6 cards (which have the numbers 1 to 6, like dice) to audience and asks audience to shuffle those cards.
Then the magician asks audience to place the 6 cards on the table face down.
As of this point, neither magician nor audience could tell which card has which number. Have audience choose one of those cards.
Magician shows dice and drops it into a glass. Have audience flip the card he/she has chosen.

How surprising and amazing!!
The number on the dice and the number on the card match!!

This magic is very unique and different from usual gimmicks, so there is no need to force.
You can get any number you need.
No need to practice.
Card and dice are examinable.

**This product comes with special dice, cards, and detailed English instructions.


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