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Handbook of Telephone Telepathy

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Handbook of Telephone Telepathy - Al Forman

Vill du trolla över telefonen?
I detta häfte hittar du massor av trick som lämpar sig att utföras över telefonen.

Discover over two dozen easily learned mind reading routines with a phone.
Although written for telephone trickery using a landline phone in the 1960s, almost all of this material will not only work with a mobile phone - in many cases, it will work better!
If you've just been using the "telephone trick" to have your cohort reveal a selected card, this informative work will open your eyes to a far wider array of remote mind reading possibilities.
Long out of print, this hard to find publication.

62 pages.


3 Preface
6 Understanding Telephone Telepathy
9 Codes
9 Mr Wizard
10 Pick A Number
13 Pick A Large Number
13 In The Phone Book
15 Phonyvision
17 ESP
20 Pony Express
22 Lie Detection Direction
24 Lazy Man’s Lie Detection Direction
26 Phones Have Hidden Talents
27 Once Upon A Time
28 Blind Man’s Bluffed
30 Contact
30 Medium Well Done
32 Around The Country
34 Houdini Phone
35 Sneaky Phonyvision
36 Taking A Survey
39 Disconnect Connects
40 Ring-A-Ding-Ding
42 The Strangest Thing
42 Snug As A Bug In A Rug
45 Tricks Adapted for Telephones
46 A Work of Art
47 Book Rook
49 Pass The Hat
50 Take A Card
51 X Marks The Spot
53 Delayed Action
54 Black and Red
56 The Tracer
57 Reflectelepathy
59 Transparent Pockets
62 Performance Record


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