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Hold That Tiger

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Hold That Tiger


Kul och engagerande barntrick.
Levereras utan beskrivning men med hjälp av beskrivningen nedan kommer du att utföra tricket galant.
Komplett med alla figurer och cirkusvagn i trä. Tricket innehåller också cirkustältet vilket brukar saknas när tricket kommer ut på marknaden.

Magician introduces two CIRCUS CLOWNS called "SPOTTY" and "STRIPEY" because of their very distinctive Dress! Pointing to a very attractive house, he says, "And they live at number SIX Paradise Street."
The kiddies yell, "No, it's number Nine!" "Sorry," says the magician, and he CLEVERLY CAUSES THE NUMBER TO CHANGE!

Again he states the number of the house but the kiddies shout their DISAGREEMENT and once again the NUMBER CHANGES! This really FUNNY "BUSINESS" is repeated ... the kiddies SHOUTING MORE AND MORE! FURTHER COMEDY is now obtained by magician apparently forgetting "which is which" and the children yell their "correction."
Finally it all gets sorted out to the children's satisfaction and delight.

On getting it settled, the magician sends "STRIPEY" off to the Circus. "SPOTTY" stays at home because he's scared of the Circus Tiger.
"Now," says the magician, "I'm going to show you a wonderful trick. I'm going to make the Clowns CHANGE PLACES!"
He tells the children the magic word that will "cast a spell" and gets them to call it out LOUD.
They do so and the magician says, "That's wonderful, I bet you have done the trick for me." He goes to the "circus" and exclaims, "Yes, the trick is working beautifully," and shows that "SPOTTY" is now at the Circus. He goes over to the house, confidently opens the door saying, "And here is STRIPEY."

THE KIDDIES YELL, "NO IT ISN'T!" Magician now sees that instead of the expected "Stripey", there is a FEARSOME LOOKING TIGER!
"The magic isn't working, something's gone wrong. WHERE'S STRIPEY?"
To his surprise, the kiddies tell him, "LOOK IN THE CIRCUS!" they shout.
And they are right, too! (How did they know? . .. Ah! that's telling!)

All ends happily, for going to the "Circus," he removes the TWO loveable clowns, SPOTTY and STRIPEY!!



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