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Loki - Ramanos

Like its namesake, the Norse God LOKI, this fantastic new prop has the potential for creating tons of mischief everywhere you go!

The LOKI is a lighter concealing a custom manufactured N52 magnet, the strongest-rated magnet in the world.
For its size it is absolutely incredible. A magnet concealed inside a Zippo-style lighter, how much more natural can a gimmick be?!

Your LOKI package comes complete with everything you need and includes the following:

1. The LOKI itself
2. A 36 page, full colour booklet
3. A shimmed card (thickness of one card)
4. A set of key rings for the 21st Century Kinetic Rings effect.

The colour booklet contains instruction on how to conceal the LOKI, four complete routines by Justin Miller, several original effects and handlings from Dee Christopher, plus more ideas and possible applications.

Just one example of what the LOKI can achieve:

Card and Bill Transpo by Justin Miller
A selected card and a bill transpose instantly and visually! A card is chosen and placed inside the card case. A borrowed bill is folded into quarters. Visually the bill changes into the spectator’s chosen card. You open the card case and the bill that you borrowed is now inside. Simple, powerful magic.

Put the power of the LOKI in your pocket today!.


"Loki.... powerful magic, hidden in plain sight. A utility device, which is limited only by your imagination." Dale Shrimpton

"I've spent some time exploring this concept in the past, but never did I come CLOSE to the quality and POWER that the Loki holds. Pick it up, its a phenomenal device that sits perfectly in the hand of any performer!" Dee Christopher