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Mystic Scope

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Mystic Scope - T-230 - Tenyo Magic



New in unopen package completet with original instructions in english.


Show four coins, and allow your spectator to secretly choose one.
With your back turned, have him insert the coins into four separate frames.
When you peer through the Mystic Scope, you can instantly divine the chosen coin.
In another presentation, ask a spectator to secretly write down a friend's name on a slip of paper.
Let others peer through the Mystic Scope, and they'll be able to reveal the chosen name.
This presentation is great for parties. At the end of your performance, nobody else will be able to unlock the power of the Mystic Scope, due to its clever construction.

Peer through the Mystic Scope, and you will instantly know which object has been mentally chosen by your spectator!
When others look inside, they'll be surprised that they can see it too.
In addition to revealing chosen coins or small cards, you will be able to divine information written on slips of paper: simple designs, names of friends, favorite foods, etc.
The Mystic Scope sees all, and offers a wide range of presentations for your audiences to enjoy.

English instructions included.