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No Entry - Mark Mason

Komplett med DVD och kort.

A very clever and totally baffling card effect. 


Any card is freely selected, signed and lost in the deck (really lost, no control the signed card is replaced anywhere)
Two jokers are removed from the deck and a previously examined paper clip is put on the two jokers fastening them together.
The two jokers are placed to one side, there are genuinely only two cards. 

The spectator tries to cut to their signed card but fails.
The two jokers are picked up and shown on both sides, they are still fastened together with the paper clip. 

The paper clip is removed.
The two jokers are spread, but now there is a third card trapped between them, the spectator removes this card it is their signed card.

A very easy and brilliant principle that you will love to do.

Comes complete with special gimmick and full instructional DVD


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