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Osaka Bills

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Osaka Bills - Jahn Gallo

Jahn Gallo har gjort ännu en fantastisk dvdfilm av högsta kvalitet. Osaka Bills är en sedelproduktion, som är lätt att lära och lätt att variera.
Du kan använda vilka sedlar som helst. Du kan producera många sedlar!
DVDn är indelad i sex kapitel:

  1. "The Osaka Bills Show Time" med Ondra Psenica från Tjeckien i sin prisvinnarakt.
  2. Bakgrunden till effekten
  3. Jahn Gallo lär ut tekniken på anrika Magic Circle i London
  4. Hur man preparerar sedlarna mm
  5. Hur man genomför rutinen, den enkla manipulationstekniken etc
  6. Tips och idéer. Bonusinformation. Hur man kan använda Osaka Bills. Hur man tar extra laddningar. Hur man visar händerna tomma. Tvåhandsproduktion. Byte mellan sedelproduktion och myntproduktion. Tips till gatuartister. Osaka Bill i en Kid Show. Hur man använder sedlar av olika storlek .... och mycket mera!

Engelska. 1 tim 21 min.


An Instant Production of Banknotes from the Air! 

Jahn Gallo has been a full time magic entertainer for more than 25 years. Now, for the first time, he releases one of his favorite routines with bills. 

The Osaka Bills was created 25 years ago together with a Japanese magician in Osaka. Since then, he has developed the routine to the final product it is today, performing it both on stage and close-up. This is a very visual production of bills, which instantly appear at the fingertips. You can easily produce up to fifteen bills without any extra gimmick! 

The routine is easy to learn and has a heavy impact on any audience.
A "Miser's Dream" with bills. 

The Six Chapters of the DVD

  1. "The Osaka Bills Show Time" featuring, from the Check Republic, the young talented magician Mr. Ondra Psenica in his prize winning act.
  2. A little background about how the effect was invented.
  3. Jahn Gallo's presentation of the Osaka Bills - filmed live at the world renowned Magic Circle London
  4. The set up of the effect - using the right kind of materials, etc.
  5. The real work - how to accomplish the simple manipulation needed for the effect.
  6. Extra "know how." Lots of tips and ideas about how to use the Osaka Bills, getting extra loads, showing the hands empty, producing banknotes with the left and/or right hand. How to do transitions from banknotes to coins. A tip for the street performer about building a crowd. Use it impromptu to build your reputation as a magician. Use it in a different way for a kids show and as a finale to the Miser's Dream. How to work with banknotes of various sizes. How to take care of the bank notes.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 21min


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