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Pretty Sneaky

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Pretty Sneaky - Don Alan


The very commercial routines of one of our top performers.
Graduate of the Chavez School, host of his own TV show on several occasions, including 26 weeks of "Magic Ranch."
A full time pro who specialized in the kind of tricks you love.
These pages bring you his close up tricks with cards, balls, coins, ball point pen, pins, flash string, a lump of coal (the hit of many TV shows!) and others.
Everyone of these tricks is a proven commercial success before it hit the book.

1st edition 1956; 1st digital edition 2013, 51 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. About Don Alan
  2. The Four Jacks And The Bouncing Ball
  3. Sneaky Card To Pocket? How Else?
  4. "I'll Find It With My Slide Rule"
  5. The Impromptu Card On The Wall
  6. "Wot Hoppened?"
  7. The Tree Of…..
  8. It Can't Be…..
  9. A Pretty Sneaky Nudist………..Routine
  10. Christine (?), The Sneaky Duck
  11. Flaming Han Ping Chien
  12. A Las Vegas Fairy Tale
  13. Sneaky Half Dollar In Bottle
  14. Cut Down To Half A Pack
  15. Cut Out This Tonite
  16. Ball Point Pen
  17. Bits With Exploding Pellets
  18. Bent Pins
  19. Reading Palms
  20. Flash String Ideas
  21. Saddle Bags For Close Up Workers
  22. Lifesavers And Your Quarter Stack
  23. Russ Walsh Production Table Bit
  24. It's A Small World
  25. Bowl Or Cup Load
  26. Ashes……….
  27. Bill, Lemon And Wrapper
  28. A Darker Shade Of Malini


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