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Restaurant Magic Vol 1-3

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Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman Vol 1-3

Dan Fleshman has been a professional close-up entertainer for 20 years and performing magic in restaurants has always been at the core of his work.
The magic presented here is all in Dan's active, working repertoire and all of it has been tempered in the white-hot fire of real-world performance.
This is close-up magic that Dan kills lay audiences with night after night - and now it's yours!

On these DVDs, Dan presents his showcase routines.
For special tables, Dan reaches into his vast repertoire and performs one of these gems.
All of them are closers and are capable of astounding even the most jaded audience.

Volume 1 - Appetizers

Dan's Rope Routine - A great opening routine featuring elements of the most visual rope and ring & rope magic ever created.
Real-World Multiplying Rabbits - A classic of magic and a favorite of young and old.
Ring and String Flight - A borrowed finger ring almost visibly transforms into the performer's ring, which then penetrates on and off of a length of string in most mysterious ways. The routine comes full circle when the spectator's borrowed ring is found in the performer's key case.
Ace Production - In a dazzling display of skill, the four Aces appear to fly right from the center of a shuffled deck.
Ever Changing Aces - The red Aces change places with the black Aces under extremely fair circumstances. If you blink, you'll miss it!
Bullet For a Cowboy - The Aces all magically change into the Ace of Spades one at a time. For the stunning climax, the cards are turned over and now found to be the Kings.
Four The Easy Way - Two Aces are produced from a shuffled deck. The third Ace is freely selected by a spectator. Another spectator selects one more card, which is found to not be an Ace. The magician makes good by magically turning this final card into the last Ace.
Maxi Twist Twist - A spectator selects a card which is returned to the pack. The four Aces are displayed and each magically turns face down one at a time. The Ace that matches the suit of the selected card turns face up again and then magically turns into the selected card. The other cards are turned face up to reveal that they are no longer Aces but rather, now form a Royal Flush.
Three Card Trick - A spectator counts three cards slowly and fairly into the performer's hand. However, when recounted, a fourth card is found. The extra card is discarded yet there are still four cards. This comedy of errors is repeated several times yet there are always four cards. For the humorous and amazing finish, these cards are shown to be the four Threes.
Momma in My Wallet - A wonderful combination of the classic Card to Wallet with the Red Hot Momma concept. The back of a spectator's signed card changes color. The card is placed on the table and another card is selected. The tabled card turns into the second selection and the signed card is found in the performer's wallet that the spectator has been holding the entire time.

Volume 2 - Entrees

Ace Production - Face-up cards are shuffled into face-down cards yet the Aces are produced in a dramatic way. For the finale, the deck is found to be magically righted.
Oil Slick - A four-card Oil and Water routine that's guaranteed to fool even fast company.
Chameleon Aces and Kings - The four Aces change one at a time into the four Kings right at the performer's fingertips. The Aces are then found one at a time, face up, in four completely different locations in the tabled deck.
Vanishing Aces - The four Aces are placed face up on the top of the deck and are vanished one at a time only to be found in the center of the deck with a previously-named card sandwiched in between them.
PDQ Aces - A magical game of cops and robbers as the Aces, isolated in a card box, collect three free selections that were previously lost in the deck.
Some Prediction - A selected card is signed. Another card is set aside by the performer as a prediction. The signed selection is mixed among the four Aces and vanishes. The prediction card is found to be the signed card!
Magic Cards - Three cards are selected from a blue-backed deck. The performer introduces three red-backed cards emblazoned with the words "Magic Cards." The three Magic Cards are placed onto each selection and amazingly, each turns into a duplicate of that selection. As a kicker, the previously-blue deck is shown to now consist solely of red "Magic Cards."
Twins - Dan's version of the Brother John Hamman classic, complete with a surprising kicker ending.
Sorry You Lose - A gambling routine where the spectator is unable to keep track of two Aces and two Threes. The spectator has one final chance to guess which cards are in the performer's hands but is surprised to find that the cards are now four of a kind!
Flushed Out - Four Queens and an Ace change into a Royal Flush.
Back and Forth Sandwich - Two cards are selected. One card is shuffled back into the deck and the other is tabled between two Kings. The magician waves his hands over the tabled cards. The Kings vanish and are found face up in the deck and sandwiching the other selection.
Freeman Twist / Twilight Zone - A selected card travels back in time as it magically changes places with the performer's card. Traveling further back into time, the face-down deck instantly turns face-up for an eye-popping climax.
Jumbo Prediction - A freely-selected card matches a jumbo card in an envelope previously given to an audience member. A highly-commercial routine with a comical ending.

Volume 3 - Desserts

Close-Up Linking Rings - Dan's version of this stage classic retains every bit of the wonder yet is perfect for all close-up and walk-around venues. Solid steel five-inch rings melt through each other just inches away from the spectators' faces. It looks like real magic - and Dan gives you all the work!
Rolllover Production - Four half dollars are magically produced one at a time by simply turning over a single playing card four times.
Matrix - Dan's three-phase version of the classic coin assembly. Four half dollars assemble under a single playing card. The effect is then repeated but this time, the coins return to their respective, separate positions. For the finale, with just a single card used, the coins assemble and then visibly return to their starting positions.
Coins To Glass - An audience favorite. Coins vanish from the performer's hand and magically appear, one at a time, in a drinking glass.
Crayon Thru .25 - A crayon visibly penetrates though the center of a borrowed quarter. This classic of magic is now able to be performed for all ages!
Cups and Balls - Dan's classic routine featuring the Fleshman Flash - an amazing final load sequence that will have you reaching for the remote control to watch it again!

BONUS! The Chinese Linking Rings - A Close-Up Version - This is the video that accompanied the deluxe mini-rings that Dan marketed several years ago.
Watch Dan perform an entire restaurant set for an actual audience, including his version of the Rings. His original explanation for the Ring routine follows.


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