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Shock FX

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Shock FX - Andrew Mayne

13 chockerande effekter lärs ut av Andrew Mayne.
Bl a en omöjlig produktion av ett bowlingklot, pennan genom kinden, nålhuvudet, spik genom tunga 1 och 2, häftstiftsmattan, hjärnskada och andra trevliga effekter.

DVD. 50 min.

Magic for Mutants - Andrew Mayne -
A different kind of DVD for a different kind of magician!
If you are a fan of Andrew Mayne and his style of thinking, you really must get this video. Andrew has put his newest and neatest material on the tape.
There's brand new effects like Andrew's Pencil Through Cheek, The Bowling Ball Effect, and a one-man illusion that you can make in 2 minutes with a cardboard box and 3 inexpensive umbrellas.
Want to devastate your audience? Perform Pinhead for them.
After Andrew performed Bob Roach, Psychic Entertainer for a class of cynical 15 year-olds, they were literally on the floor in tears!
And, introducing a brand new method for the Paperclip Through Arm effect that can be performed at anytime! If you like Andrew Mayne's approach to visual magic, this DVD is for you!


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