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Shotglass Surprise

Base price with tax 350 kr
Sales price 150 kr
Discount -200 kr
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Shotglass Surprise - Eugene Burger

Komplett med 2st glas, 2st påsar (du kan göra fler) gummiduk (ballong) samt engelsk beskrivning.

The production of a glass of liquid from a folded paper bag has become one of the favorite magical effects of Eugene Berger.
He says that it is also the strongest piece of magic that he has added to his performing repertoire in the past five years.
He loves performing it!

For those of you who have viewed the explanation of this effect on his "Gourmet Close-Up" Magic video, you will discover that he has made some great improvements, particularly in finding much better glasses, covers and bags.
Along with the instructions, you will find two glasses, one bags, one of which has been cut down to the size he personally uses, four rubber covers and one plastic "snack size" bag for transporting the props.


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