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Side by Slide

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 Side by Slide - Ton Onosaka




What a wonderful modification on Nobuhiko Ikeda's "Side By Slide" that makes this effect even easier to perform.

Leave it to Ton Onosaka to produce high quality props that are devishily deceptive and as entertaining for the performer as they are for the lucky audience.

The Magician uses a wide-tipped pen to write a prediction on a large board.
A spectator chooses a playing card. When the prediction is displayed it is seen to reveal the seven of spades.
The spectator informs the magician that this prediction is "wrong!"
The spectator's chosen card was actually the "four of hearts.
" Everything comes out okay, for the writing visibly transforms itself into the right card after all.

This effect is dynamite at filling high-impact comedy, ice-breaking and solid magical entertainment.
What's even better is it all happens right in front of the audience's eyes...
There are not hidden moves or cover ups of any kind.
It plays so well in building great anticipation followed by momentary apparent failure on the magician's part, only in the end to prove, one and for all, the magician really is ahead of the game.
For those of you that know how to get a lot out of a prop, this is one that begs you to do just that with an over-confident initial prediction that goes apparently wrong, followed by the pantomime motions on the magicians face of despair and frustration, that are finally changed to happiness, confidence and laughter.

For those of you that remember the earlier model, this is the new and improved model that is much easier to perform.
As with all Ton Onosaka's products, we highly recommend them.


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