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Tangopedia - The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins



Here is a wonderful " encyclopedia " on DVD on coins rigged :
In a DVD lasting 4 hours, Mr. Tango explains less than 54 routines with coins fixing of its production. Very good buy for those who want to understand how to use the rigged coins you already have, or for those who want to decide what currency is best to buy for their own purposes , and so on. The explanations are in English and Spanish , but are perfectly understandable even just watching the video.

In TangoPedia covers the following topics:

Expanded shell ( 4 routines )
Always four
Bended coin
Stretched coin
Make the difference
Karate coin
Balancing coin
Cigarette thru coin
Pen thru coin
Wand thru quarter
Stack of coins
Flipper pro gravity
Bite coin
Double side coin
Quarter squeeze brass
Coin nest of boxes
shim shell
Coin thru hand
Coin bag
Rattle coin device
Bill tube
Ultimate chinese coin routine
Chinese color change
China town half
Lethal tender
hopping half
Folding coin ( 2 routines )
Copper and silver ( 2 routines )
Slippery Expanded Shell
Magnetic coin
Nikel to half
Scotch and Soda (4 routines )
Magnetic Scotch and soda ( 2 routines )
pull coin
Coins thru deck
locking 1:35
locking 2.85
Hooked coin
Okito box
O- Korto box set
Boston box
Slot Okito box
Super Expanded Shell
Silver copper brass transposition

BONUS : How to repair coins


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