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Technicolor Prediction

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Technicolor Prediction - Martin Lewis

OBS! Filmen visar samma effekt men den som säljes här använder en ram för val av kuvert.

Komplett med  engelsk instruktion

The one and only Martin Lewis, creator of the astounding Cardiographic, has done it again with Technicolor Prediction, a comedy mind-reading effect with a stunning climax.
The performer displays three envelopes – one red, one green, and one yellow.
Two spectators, a man and a woman, are invited to each select an envelope.
The choice is fair, but the performer insists he has predicted the spectators’ actions.

We’ll assume the man chooses the red, the woman the yellow.
Each is asked to open their chosen envelope, remove the papers within, and read out loud the message.
The man reads out, “I predict you’ll choose the red envelope.” The woman reads, “I predict you’ll pick the yellow envelope.” Of course, the audience assumes this is burlesque mentalism.
However, the performer’s green envelope contains a paper reading, “I predict I will be left with the green envelope; the man will choose the red and the woman will choose the yellow.” (Note: results differ each time.)
It is customizable for any type performance. It’s got everything to put you over with your audience: drama, suspense, built-in comedy and so easy to do.


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