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Tenyo Clyde T-174

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Clyde - T-174 - Tenyo


Komplett med kanin, extra handske, kortlek från Nintendo samt orginalinstruktion på Engelska.

The Beast is Alive! Very Rare and Collectible Item! Great for Collectors!

Ask a spectator to select a card from a deck, remember it, and place it back anywhere.
Now this is where the magician traditionally tries to find the card. But not this time!
Instead Clyde the magic rabbit will find it. Clyde is a wonderful idea, a great prop, and a guaranteed audience pleaser.
This is a wonderful ‘puppet’ effect where the magician holds a stuffed bunny which appears to have a life of it’s own.
Several effects with this wonderful prop are suggested in the instructions including “card in carrot.”

Even if you don’t use this item for a magic act, it’s a wonderful collectible item and also a great prop for puppeteers.
Comes complete with original English instruction and gimmicked deck with case. Review from David De Graef (
The rabbit itself looks very nice and is of superb quality (the seams are hardly visible and very strong).
When you use the rabbit as the instructions say,  it really does look like it is alive – very well done by Tenyo.
You receive the puppet, extra glove and the special deck of cards manufactured by Nintendo!


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