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Topits and Pockets

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Topits and Pockets - Jay Scott Berry

Spellbinder, en av de fina rutiner som finns på denna DVD.

Jag har fått in ett antal DVD som förra ägaren förvarat i DVD album.
Skivorna är orginal men orginalfodralet saknas så jag säljer dem lösa utan fodral.
Levereras med enkelt DVD skydd.

This is a DVD from a lot where previouse owner had removed the original casing and stored them in a DVD album.
Still this is original DVDs but casing is missing and the yare delivered wit ha simple DVD cover.


Jay Scott Berry is fast becoming recognized as the new master of the Topit. His redesign of this classic concept, as well as many new ideas in handling and psychology, have helped revolutionize this powerful utility item. In this much-anticipated DVD, Jay performs and teaches the techniques that Johnny Thompson has called " the finest Topit work I've ever seen!"
In these concise, visual lessons, you will learn the subtleties and complexities necessary to vanish virtually any small object and finish almost any routine completely clean.
Beginning with the unique, "sealed pocket" design of the JSP Topit, Jay demonstrates its key features and the advantages that make it so practical and sure-fire.
Step-by-step, you are then guided through the installation process, learning how to position the Topit for maximum efficiency. Then, it's time for some real magic as Jay leads you from the basic moves onto the advanced handling of this amazing device. The magic continues as Jay introduces the Sleeve Pockets. This simple, yet powerful ideas will allow you, completely bare-handed, to produce coins, rings, balls and other small items.
All of these ideas combine, and build to a dramatic conclusion with the performance and explanation of Jay's highly acclaimed routine, "Spellbinder." Many have called this "the best Spellbound ever."
Approximate Running Time: 30 Minutes