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Whit Haydns Four Ring Routine

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Whit Haydn´s Four Ring  Routine

We know you will be delighted with the detailed instructions, which include all patter, bits of business, subtleties, building-to-climax and other attributes only a true professional can include.
Whit Haydn has performed his Linking Ring Routine for over 15 years in the toughest spots, comedy clubs, trade shows, company picnics, kid parties, cocktail hours, cruises, TV.
He used it to open for Conway Twitty before 8000 country music fans. A great routine, and it makes the assistant from the audience look great, too!
Every detail, in a big photo-illustrated book.
It's for you!


3 Introduction: comments about the routine
4 The Count: The four rings are counted with an Odin type count
4 The Demonstration: Spectator is given one ring, your ring links solid through solid. Rings are unlinked.
8 The Lesson: Spectator "links" two rings as you show them how, magician unlinks, etc.
15 Linking Four Rings: After the spectator has sat down, the four rings are linked in a chain of four, double linked, all linked on one, and all separated again for the finish
19 Afterthoughts: Tips on keeping an extra single, and using Jack Miller's and Tarbell's moves without a Key.


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