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Stunners The Lecture

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Stunners The Lecture - Larry Becker

I häftet finns en enklare variant av detta trick (Poor mans Casino Royal)

Observera att detta är inte den stora boken (400sidor).
Detta är ett Lecture Notes från ca 1990 på 28sidor.

This was released the year after the limited Stunners book and contained several of the presentation from the book.
Included in this set of lecture notes are:
* Super Coinetic. An improved version of Ultra Coinetic from the book and occupies the #2 spot in Larry's act.
In it in a reversal of roles the spectator reads the performer's mind 3 times in a row! Casino Royale is the second offering and is one of Larry's most famous marketed effects.
The spectator "takes a trip to Vegas" and the performer correctly predicts the Casino, winning hand dealt to the spectator, and amount of money won, in a delightfully simple and convincing manner.
Hour of Power is third and is a phenomenal presentation with playing cards.
The spectator removes an unknown number of cards from the deck and mentally selects a card (no force, nothing is moved or removed).
The performer causes the card to vanish, despite actually having no idea what the card is!
The card is then caused to reappear reversed in the deck!
Sneak Thief is next and in this one the performer matches three spectators to their drawing and then reproduces the drawing of the fourth spectator, which has been lying face down on the table the entire time!
In Clearly Predictable the performer uses a monumentally clever method to predict several outcomes, including a headline prediction, a selected card, and even the serial number of a bill provided by the spectator (this is the same bill provided by the spectator and no switch takes place)!