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Telethought Pad Large

Base price with tax 550 kr
Sales price 275 kr
Discount -275 kr
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Thelethought Pad Large - Chris Kenworthey

The “Must Have” trick of the year! Any word, any number, any design, any thought is now yours with the phenomenal Kenworthey “Telethought Pad!”

Imagine the performer (that’s you) has a spectator literally think of any word, any number, any design, or any thought. It is written on an innocent pad.
Now, unbelievably thanks to “Telethought” technology you instantly know their thought.
You and the spectator are looking at the gimmick at the same time, but they never know it. All of the volunteer’s information is delivered ingeniously, imperceptibly, and effortlessly to the performer.
Any book test, any design duplication, any add-a-number routine, any mental experiment- all are devilishly simple with this extraordinarily clever yet subtle new gimmick. If ever there was a trick that you’ll fool yourself with it’s this one.
Kenworthey re-defines “self-contained” with this latest mindreading creation. Performers everywhere are calling it magic’s number one “Eye Pad!”
Enchant, spellbind, and fiendishly bewilder your audience with consummate ingenuity.

Here are the unprecedented test conditions of the “Telethought Pad”-
• No impression devices
• Spectator’s thoughts are Never ripped out of pad
• Once thought is written in pad, pad is closed and Never opened again during remainder of trick
• Real time mindreading (No pre-show work necessary)
• Delayed peek. Glimpse can be made Anytime after thought is written
• Instant reset
• To see a “Telethought Pad” is to want a “Telethought Pad”
• Refills are available at a nominal fee.
• The size --- 4 3/16 x 5 1/2 inches (10.5cm x 14cm)
(Small size is also available from below)

You will receive Telethought Pad (LARGE) and paper instructions with many ideas.