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Topsy Turvy Soda Bottle

Base price with tax 500 kr
Sales price 250 kr
Discount -250 kr
Tax amount

Topsy Turvy Soda Bottle - Wack-O-Magic

Ett fint trick som använder riktiga 500ml flaskor.
Levereras med tomma flaskor som du kan fylla med Cola eller köper du helt nya och kan lämna ut dem till åskådaren när tricket är slutfört.
Komplett med rör, gimmick, tomma flaskor samt engelsk instruktion.


The magician and his volunteer assistant each have a bottle and a tube.
No matter how hard they try, as each turns their tube over with the bottle inside, their respective bottles end up going in different directions.
Magically, with the volunteer's help, the magician's bottle finally matches the volunteer's bottle... and then, as an additional ending option, the magician can produce a THIRD bottle to give away as a souvenir!

Manufactured with lightweight, GENUINE half liter (500ml) soda bottles.
FINALLY! A set of tricky bottles that CAN'T BREAK! 

  • Bottles are actually filled with real cola and can be handed out as souvenirs at the end of the routine. 
  • Because they are real bottles with the gracefully curved bottoms, the method has been altered dramatically. 
  • Routine co-written by Author/Consultant Walt Anthony. 
  • The presentation is timeless, but the props are finally updated to the 21st Century! No more repainted beer bottles.

"I can tell you his Topsy Turvey Soda bottles are the best I have seen."
- Paul Osborne