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Twister - T-159 - Tenyo

Tenyo Twister (Pencilia) T-159 (1994) One of the best Tenyo products ever and becoming rarer by the day  
Grab yourself one while you can! Designed and marketed in 1994, this trick works almost like a sucker effect.
A small pencil is examined, and placed into the Twister case and you twist the center a little. No big deal. It appears the pencil could be hidden in the flaired sides.
Then you proceed to kill them when you turn the center of the pencil around a full 90 degress and then continue right round 360 degrees!!
It is easily restored when the center is turned back to line up with the other pieces of the pencil  
The pencil is dropped out again for full examination!! It blows away any theory they had and leaves them speechless! Another discontinued Tenyo item, that you may not be able to find buy it now!
Comes complete, with original packaging, and full instriuctions in English. Opened but in as new condition.