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Finding the Funny

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Finding the Funny - Ryan Pilling

A professional entertainer's guide to improvisation, ad-libs, and audience interaction!
Learn the techniques to creating inspired moments of comedy, and getting the best out of your audience volunteers.

This guidebook will help the practiced magician, juggler, clown and other entertainers add the sparkle of spontaneity to their performances.

You'll learn the techniques to developing a quick wit and discovering opportunities for comedy at every turn.
It covers strategies for adding funny moments into your show, and practice techniques for sharpening your skills.
How to write and develop new routines using improvisation.
The secrets to letting every audience volunteer be at their best to create hilarious moments of comedy and interaction.

If you want to improve your performances, and have a stronger connection with your audiences, this book will help you get you there. Includes:

  • Choose To Improvise
  • Nuts & Bolts of Improvisation
  • Real World Improvisation
  • Improvising Your Way Out Of Problems
  • Writing Through Improvisation
  • Practicing Improvisation
  • How To Begin Improvising
  • Working With Audience Members
  • Wrapping It Up

70 pages