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Card Circus

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Card Circus - A.P Sreenivas


Ett häfte på 38 sidor med 6 olika kortrutiner.
Totalt 130 fotografier gör det lätt att lära steg för steg.

This is a soft cover A-4 size 38 page book illustrated with over 130 photographs.
It is the sixth book in the Indian Magic Showcase Series.

The author is possibly the only Indian magician who has contributed two One-Man Parades in the Linking Ring Magazine - the official house-journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (USA).

The six outstanding routines in the book are gems in close-up card magic and truly astounding to watch.


For the advanced card worker, willing to devote the time to practice, the material is truly priceless - six routines all with the Sreenivas touch, and a chapter on the Herman Pass with the Sreenivas variation.
This book is an excellent introduction to what good close-up card magic can be like.