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Inked - Jordan Johnson

A spectator's chosen card shows up as tattoo in the most unusual of places.
From the creator of Holy Grail, one of the greatest visual advancements to the torn and restored card plot, Jordan Johnson brings you a tattoo reveal like no other on the market.
A deck of cards enters play.
A spectator picks a card and checks it.
The magician rubs the card against his cheek and one of the pips vanishes, only to end up on the inside of his mouth tattooed into his flesh.
Everyone can see it. It's right there.
There's stunned silence.

Striking and bold, this is the kind of in-your-face magic people never forget.
Then the magician forcefully blows onto the face of the card and the pip instantly reappears.
They break into applause.
But there's more.
The pip is now gone from his cheek.


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