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Phoenix Prophecy

Base price with tax 350 kr
Sales price 175 kr
Discount -175 kr
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Phoenix Prophecy - Shaun Robison Shaun Dunn

Komplett med DVD och gimmick.

Have your spectator think of one of their best birthday memories while holding a drawing of a birthday cake. 

Then, as you light the candles with a REAL lighter, their exact age at the time of that memory MAGICALLY APPEARS on the cake! 

This is only ONE of the UNLIMITED presentations possible with Phoenix Prophecy.

No forcing
They really can think of ANYTHING


    • Names
    • Initials
    • Dates
    • Times
    • Countries
    • ...ANYTHING!

Use Phoenix Prophecy to reveal your revelation on most paper, business cards, paper currency and much more.

Easy to perform, VISUAL mentalism.