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The Magic Stick

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The Magic Stick DVD - Richard Robinson

Här är en DVD som innehåller ALLT du behöver för att utföra tricket med den svävande trollstaven.
På DVDn finns mallar så du kan tillverka den av 2st pappersark.
Instruktionsfilm där du lär dig utföra tricket.
Dessutom MP3 filer med musik som du kan använda både när du tränar och när du utför tricket inför publik.

Richard Robinson' Magic Stick is the ultimate floating wand, a total animation effect at your finger tips that can be performed at any time during your platform or stage shows.
You get the secrets that can make your magic wand seem lighter than air as it takes on a life of its own to mystify your audience.

The wand clings to one finger, spins on your palm, revolves around your hand, rises through a silk handkerchief even when the silk is pulled back so the audience can see the wand moving, rolls to your finger tips with your hand pointing at the floor and finally floats completely around your body.

This is the first magic DVD that takes full advantage of the medium.
In addition to the performances and explanations, which are presented in an innovative multi-view manner the DVD also, contains unique features that can be accessed through your computer.
You get a Construction Kit and Printing Templates to make your own wand from two sheets of paper, customized performance music that include loops for custom mixing, a rehearsal audio sequence that walks you through the routine and a complete performance script with key move photos.



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