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Visitkorts Magi

Ord Pris 150 kr
Pris 75 kr
Du Sparar -75 kr

Svensk variant av Doug Benetts Business Merger

Perfekt trick att presentera när du delar ut dina visitkort.
Åskådaren kommer alltid tänka på detta mirakel när han ser ditt visitkort.

Business Merger consists of a gimmicked plastic business card wallet and instructions.
The effect is available with or without an additional instruction book.
The basic effect is that the performer removes a business card but finds it is his last one.
Instead of giving it away, he proposes to tear off a corner of the card and will write his phone number on that, which he procedes to do.
Upon seeing the small piece, however, he changes his mind and instead restores the business card to give away whole.
Note, this is also covered in Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Business Card Miracles DVD.

Komplett med fodral och beskrivning på svenska.